Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How far ahead should I start planning our trip?

    Answer: The sooner you start planning, the better. Dining reservations and dinner shows begin taking reservations 90 days out, and some of the popular venues close out quickly. So planning several months ahead is recommended.

  2. If I purchase your eBook now, will I need to repurchase it again at some time in the future?

    Answer: No. Once you purchase The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, you have permanent access. So if you go to Disney World this year, and 3 years from now you decide to vacation again at Disney World, you can go back to the guide download page and update your Guide.

  3. Do you publish your book in print?

    Answer: No, I do not publish a printed book. Changes take place so quickly at Disney World that this week’s information – even yesterday’s information – may already be out of date. The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is updated as frequently as there is important new information, which can be as often as several times a month. For example, resort room and package plans (and other discounts) are updated as soon as they become available so you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

  4. How do I know when the Guide is updated with new information?

    Answer: The most recent update date is always posted at the top of the download page.

  5. Do you have discount codes in your book?

    Answer: Yes, discount specials are listed with their codes. I also have some specials which I have arranged with certain vendors that are available only to purchasers of my Guide.

  6. I have limited time and budget to plan my vacation. Will your eBook
    tell me how to proceed, or is your book just a bunch of links to go get the information?

    Answer: You will find the information and how-to’s right in the eBook. I also include web links (or telephone numbers) you may need, for example to purchase a discounted Disney World resort room or print a list of restaurants currently participating in the Disney Dining Plan.

  7. Do your savings strategies apply to visitors from Canada, the United Kingdom, or other countries?

    Answer: All but one. I have one credit card tip that is applicable to US residents only. All other savings strategies will work regardless of your geographic location.